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Fellow Military Miniature and Wargame Enthusiast: if it is wargaming and strategy, we are right there with you.

With Military Miniature Magazine you get North America’s only expert insight on the latest in historic miniature wargaming. Our bi-monthly magazine covers top releases, insider intel on new games and build discoveries, as well as history-rich breakthroughs on classic battlefield scenarios. Whether you play, build, or develop- we are the must-have North American publication for gamers like you.

Military Miniature

  • Edited by Jason Weiser
  • Bi-Monthly
  • Full-color
  • Price: $4.50 for individual digital issue, $26.20 for a digital subscription, renewed annually
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What’s Inside:

Curate the best experience with play-through reviews of new battlefields and classic scenarios.
Discover expert-level insight on map and terrain design, the best miniatures for your scenarios, plus hidden tips on how to bring realism and signature style to your next model!
Get lost in history. Our insight on tools for design, development, and strategy will enhance your game for can’t-stop-playing experiences.
Newcomers and field-tested pros alike get ahead of the game with exclusive interviews presented by cross-industry experts.
Never miss another gaming convention! With in-depth interviews, new product coverage, and more- we crawl the battlefield to bring you the industry’s best!

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