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Acheson Creations Closing Shop After 22 Years

Another legend of the miniatures industry is stepping away after spending more than two decades working around the clock on Acheson Creations. After 22 years of fueling players with pewter and silicon rubber models, Craig Acheson will be shutting down shop on May 31, 2022. Acheson announced the closure on The Miniatures Page, assuring his regulars that there are still four months to place final orders.

Acheson Creations will continue selling models so long as the molds hold up over the next few months. Acheson assures that the centrifugal models for pewter casting should withstand the workload until May, though he was less optimistic about the silicon rubber molds. “…[A]s these molds wear out during these final sales, they will not be replaced and those products will disappear from our webpage,” Acheson wrote. Not to worry, though, as he will be offering refunds on any purchases that can’t be fulfilled by the time the shop closes.

The closure also won’t affect planned new releases, Acheson states. “During these four final months, there will continue to be new releases that are already in the pipeline, along with a number of new Bulk Buys, and also new buildings, accessories and figures from the Ahketon ranges.”

As the production winds down and May 31st grows closer, Acheson will be selling all production rights, masters, and molds to approximately 2,000 unique products. There will also be a sale of around 5,000 reference books and more than 4,000 28mm metal figures. Customers can contact Acheson through the store’s official website.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom for Acheson’s fans, as he states that, even after May 31, he will issue up to four limited releases of new buildings each year. Advertisements for these special releases will be posted to the store’s site.

Acheson Creations specializes in scenic models, including buildings, walls, tile, sandbags, science fiction consoles, and much more. From fantastical lands to the gritty battlefields of World War II, Acheson offers a vast collection of figures and models to complete your wargaming scenarios.

Keep an eye on Acheson Creations for further information regarding its closure and sale of all production rights.

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