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A Case for Digital Magazines: Adjusting to a New Medium

When we launched Military Miniature Magazine, we knew at least one thing would be true – not everyone would take to the digital format so nicely. We get it, of course. There’s nothing like flipping through the thick, glossy paper of a magazine fresh off the stand. However, there’s a renaissance happening, and it won’t be long before there are very few print magazines left to buy. The thing, though, is that we initially wanted to go to print, but there were several factors that ultimately swayed our decision. And in most cases, they were factors that affected the reader’s experience.

If you’ve been hesitant about being a Military Miniature subscriber because of the lack of a physical copy, it’s possible you’re overlooking some of the perks that came with keeping our publication digital.

A Matter of Cost

Paper is expensive. Likely more than you’re thinking because the more recent increases in paper costs surprised even us. While we could deal with the price and go to print, that means having to distribute the magazine at a price point we are not comfortable with. We never aimed to be an expensive publication, and remaining a digital magazine has allowed us to keep our production costs low and pass those savings on to our readers.

Currently, our subscriptions run $26.20 for six issues. That’s about $4.30 per issue, which is an unprecedented price for a magazine, let alone a wargaming and miniatures publication. We wanted Military Miniature Magazine to be accessible to all, and going digital to keep costs low was the best way to do so.

Delays Are Still Rampant

When a new issue of Military Miniature releases, you can find it immediately in your email. It doesn’t get any more convenient than that. But it’s not just about convenience. There are still some significant supply chain issues around the world, and it’s very likely that one of them could delay the release of a new issue. You subscribed for six issues, and we do everything imaginable behind the scenes to guarantee those six issues in a timely manner. If it were left up to a volatile supply chain, we’d have far less control and entire issues could be days or weeks late. 

Keeping Things Timely

When you break into a new paper magazine, do you know what you’re reading? Articles that are anywhere from two to six months old. The average lead time for pitching and turning an article is months before the magazine goes to print. At Military Minature, our digital format allows us to keep our content as current as possible. If some significant piece of news drops days before the next issue launches, it’s feasible for us to draw up an article and rearrange the layout to include a story about the news. In the same vein, we can alter a story if a new piece of relevant information is announced.  

Ultimately, we can make any changes we need up until the publication date.

Resources Are a Click Away

Ever read a magazine, find a piece of information, and wish you could read up more on it? Unfortunately, you’d have to peel yourself away from the print copy, trek to your computer, and do some manual digging. With Miniature Military’s digital issue, we can put clickable links right in the content to support content with additional reading. 

In-copy hyperlinks are especially helpful if you have something to say to the editor. All relevant emails are clickable links, so you can send your email with ease. 

You CAN Still Get a Print Version

It takes a little effort, but if you’re so adamant about having a paper copy, our digital magazine doesn’t keep you from enjoying one. If you have the right printer at home or live near a print shop, it’s plausible to have each issue of Military Miniature printed. All you’ll need is a PDF file to print from, which our digital publication supports. 

What may surprise you is that this process is still going to be cheaper than most wargaming magazines. 

(Edit: 10/3/2022) Be mindful, though, that this is a recommendation for Military Miniature only. Photocopying of any other digital magazine is subject to Copyright laws.

Digital: The Best Medium for Military Miniature

It’s clear that the perks of a digital publication outweigh the pitfalls of taking Military Miniature to print. If you’ve been holding off on subscribing until the print version releases, hopefully, these clear advantages will sway you into our digital space. It’s also worth noting that many notable magazines are switching to a digital medium, including Better Homes & Garden and People.

Thanks to going digital, we’ve been able to produce a high-quality, full-color publication available to read literally anywhere. Subscribe today to become part of the Military Miniature Magazine community 

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