Military Miniature

Who’s Behind ‘Military Miniature’: Filippo Vanzo, Illustrator/Mapmaker

Bringing a new idea to life isn’t something often done by one person. Especially when there are various aspects that need attention, like illustration and content creation. Without the team we’ve had behind Military Miniature Magazine, the finished product would have taken twice as long and been half the quality. While it’s the written contributions readers will be engrossed in, creators like Filippo Vanzo have helped spruce up the publication through vibrant and detailed illustrations. 

Vanzo is the face and name behind The Last Mapmaker, his business dedicated to crafting and illustrating exquisite maps for gaming, novels, museums, and advertising. His portfolio is a veritable goldmine of styles, and each one has its own unique personality. Whether it’s a map of Norse explorer Lief Eriksson’s journey or a glimpse at the notable sites of Egypt, Vanzo delivers a detailed illustration.

While Vanzo is more than capable of working digitally, he uses the classic method of ink and lead to create his illustrations and maps. Sometimes, utilizing methods that some may consider “old school” delivers on incredible results, and Vanzo has clearly mastered the art of hand-drawn maps.

You can see Vanzo’s work in the first issue of Military Miniature Magazine and on his online portfolio. The artist also has a Patreon, for those looking to see more from The Last Mapmaker.

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