Military Miniature


When writing a product review, our readers don’t need a recitation of the history behind the product, except for a short 1-2 paragraph survey. The main thing our readers are interested in is, well, the product itself and whether it’s worth their money? That’s what we’re looking for. We want to be “gamers for gamers,” and we don’t want to recommend a product we shouldn’t. 

So be tough but fair with your reviews. Ask yourself the question, “What would I want to know before I bought this product, and how would it help my wargaming?”

Pay attention to things like:

  • Presentation – Does the item grab your attention from the shelf, or does it turn you off?
  • Product quality – Does it look the part or not?
  • Ease of use – If this is paints or a tool, how easy is it to use out of the box?
  • Historical accuracy – For rules and figures
  • Price – Is it the right price or is this thing too much money?

In short, reviews are as much subjective as they are objective. We ask people to score them because it’s a great quantifier for a subjective review.

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