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Join the Miniature Game Society for Borderwars 2022

On May 20, 20022, a battle will ring out across Kansas City, MO. The venue? The Best Western Premier off the Blue Ridge Cutt Off. The armies? Droves of enthusiastic wargamers and miniature hobbyists joining the Heart of America Miniature Gaming Society for Borderwars 2022. 

Players and Game Masters will gather from all corners of Kansas City to engage one another in thrilling tabletop combat. It’s shaping up to be a weekend of excitement as the available games span multiple generations of conflict and warfare. Attendees will be able to jump into games of Napoleonic warfare, World War I, World War II, the Seven Year’s War, and so much more. A full schedule of the planned games can be found on the convention’s official website. 

On Friday, players will dive deep into Axis & Allies GLOBALDecember 1943, The 1st Battle of Zhitomir!, and Leyte Gulf. Additional battles include the Battle of the Alamo!Vietnam, January 1975: Operation Cedar FallsWings of Glory, and more historical conflicts. But Borderwars is more than just a space for gamers to gather and game. Sure, that’s the crux of why they attend, but the selection of dealers also tends to draw a crowd. 

We can all agree that very few wargamers and miniature enthusiasts really need any more products in their homes. However, it’s impossible to just walk passed the tables full of miniatures, the racks full of wargame rules, and the historical reference guides provided by the list of vendors. Shoppers will find something from:

  • Buck-a-Fig
  • Terrain Station!
  • George Knapp
  • Gamer Garage
  • Talon Games

Attendance into Borderwars 2022 runs $15 for one day or $25 for the weekend for Heart of America Miniature Game Society members and $20 or $30 for non-members. With proper ID, students and military can attend for $5. 

Doors to Borderwars open at 3 PM on Friday, May 20th, and will run until Sunday. 

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