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‘Military Miniature’ Magazine Founder Launches New Publishing Company

Gettysburg, Pa. (December 14, 2021) – SJR Research, LLC,  the historical research consulting company behind Military Miniature Magazine, has officially launched Military Miniature Press. The new wargaming publishing company is currently accepting proposals for publications pertaining to historical miniature wargaming, including rules sets (historical and modern), scenarios (historical and modern), general historical miniature wargaming, and instructional books on modeling, basing, painting, and 3D Printing. Military Miniature Press will not consider generic historical studies, autobiographies, biographies, or fictional accounts for publication.

Military Miniature Press will accept a limited number of submissions per year. To guarantee the highest quality print, each submission will undergo a scrutinous editorial process and will be professionally designed by in-house creative units. All submissions will need to pertain to historical miniature wargaming.

To be considered for the 2023 release schedule, all proposals must be e-mailed to Military Miniature Press by February 28, 2022. All proposals must include:

  • Book synopsis
  • Sample chapter(s) and a table of contents
  • Brief author biography

Proposals should be submitted to [email protected]

Military Miniature Magazine

Military Miniature is a full-color digital publication catering to the United States and Canadian historical wargaming and miniatures market. Launched in October 2021, the magazine brings together the brightest minds and commanding voices in the industry to deliver content spanning ruleset reviews, new scenario instructions, convention reports, and more. Military Miniature is available as an annual subscription released quarterly or as individual back issues.

About SJR Research

SJR Research, LLC is a research and administrative support consulting firm founded in 2005. It provides a wide array of administrative, research, and writing consultancy services for public and private firms. SJR Research has worked with a variety of clients, including academics, students, businesses, authors, filmmakers, and family historians. Its consultancy service package delivers sound, timely, and cost-effective research in historical, genealogical, military, general, legal, and provenance research, as well as administrative support.

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