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Military Miniature is always on the lookout for breaking industry news from developers, publishers, and retailers of all sizes! Please follow the guide below when submitting a news brief for publishing on the Military Miniature blog.

News Submission:

Our editorial team will review news brief submissions. If approved, an editor will turn the brief into an expanded article. 

When submitting a brief:

  • Provide as much info as possible regarding your news.
    • Be sure to answer the “Who,” “What,” “When,” “Where,” and “How.”
  • If you want a specific title for the article, please include a title (70 character maximum)
  • Please ensure all pronouns are spelled correctly in your brief. 
  • Be mindful to elaborate on uncommon acronyms.
  • Attach any images you’d like us to include.
  • Notate if this is a timed news release that should be scheduled for a future date.
  • Provide any relevant links.

All news brief submissions should be directed to [email protected].

Submitting a brief for approval does not guarantee publishing on the Military Miniature blog. Military Miniature’s editorial team may pick certain industry news to publish in our quarterly digital publication.

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