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‘Undaunted Stalingrad’ to Feature Branching Campaigns

Take to the crumbling streets of Stalingrad in the latest entry in Osprey’s Undaunted series. Undaunted: Stalingrad revisits the Russian and German conflict as the Nazi party encroaches on Stalingrad, threatening the heart of the Soviet Union. Osprey didn’t provide too many details on the specifics of Stalingrad, though the press release noted that the two-player game would use the same card-based system as Undaunted: Normandy. What will change, however, is the inclusion of a branching narrative campaign. It’s a first for the Undaunted series, though Osprey didn’t dig too deep into how or when the campaign will branch, and if players actively know when the split will happen.

Per the news release, Stalingrad will ship with over 300 cards and more than 100 map tiles that will play out across 15 branching scenarios. To fuel the story of the Russian defense of Stalingrad, Dr. Robbie MacNiven of Black Library crafted over 150 mission briefings. Each briefing adds on to the mission at hand, giving players a robust World War II wargaming experience that goes a bit beyond what the Undaunted series has previously offered. Bringing the setting of Stalingrad to life is Roland MacDonald, who created over 300 unique illustrations for the new Undaunted entry.

Like prior Undaunted entries, players will use dice rolls to resolve combat. Terrain, enemy defense, and range will all factor into play and serve as detriments to both sides of the conflict. Cards serve as reinforcements to help keep the fighting force strong, whether you’re storming the city on the German offense or pushing back as the persistent Soviets.

Undaunted: Stalingrad is expected to drop this autumn, so players can expect more information in the coming months.  

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