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Platoon 20 20mm Miniatures Re-Released Under East Front Miniatures.

East Front Miniatures has acquired the entire Platoon 20 line of 20mm miniatures for eventual return to production. The Platoon 20 is a prolific one, ranging from World War I to Modern Day, with its Vietnam and French Indochina War figures being highly regarded. 

Military Miniature reached out to Andrew Bruce, proprietor of East Front, and asked him some questions about the re-release and what we can expect.

Platoon 20 20mm World War II British, Taken from East Front Miniatures Website

How did you come to get the license for the Platoon 20 line? Last I understood, it was in the possession of East Riding Miniatures?

Andrew: I am now the sole owner of Platoon 20 as Tony (the owner of East Riding Miniatures) retired due to ill health.

What is the plan going forward, and are there plans to reissue the entire range? Will there be new figures in the ranges as well?

Andrew: I intend to gradually re-release all the ranges within Platoon 20. Once all the ranges are in production, I intend to add to the ranges. The first will be anti-tank guns, artillery, and gun crews. Later, periods such as the Korean War [will have a figure line sculpted].

What was the general physical condition of the molds? We know this is a 30+-year-old range, and the molds had, I am sure, been through the wars, with some of the molds probably having been replaced several times?

Andrew: Like any range, some of the molds need redoing [while] others are perfectly fine. Thankfully, we have most of the original master [figures].Anything else you’d like to say to our readers?

We are slowly adding black-washed pictures to the website, and we have hired a professional painter [to better showcase selected figures in the product line].

We wish East Front Miniatures all the best. They also have 15mm lines covering Ancients, Dark Ages, Colonials, Renaissance, Fantasy, and World War II subjects, as well as animals and ship fittings, and a 10mm line covering Ancients as well. They also carry the Blitzkrieg Commander and Rapid Fire rules sets, as well as terrain and hobby supply offerings. 

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