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Military Miniature 101 – Individual Edition

Military Miniature issue 101 (PDF) with feature article Norman Conquest of Southern Italy

The oft-overlooked Norman conquest of Southern Italy poses a ripe opportunity for war-gaming – but the events that unfolded across the peninsula may be too obscure for many players. A brief historical analysis, complete with several war-gaming scenarios, may help kick start interest in a fruitful tabletop recreation of the Norman invasion of Sicily.


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Jessee A. Scarborough, ‘The Normans in Southern Italy and Sicily, a Historical Overview and Scenario’.
Michael Murphy, ‘After the Smoke Clears, Recovering the hobby after the pandemic’.
Michael Murphy, “‘You want it WHEN?!?!” A quick rundown on the shipping and logistics issues in the gaming industry, Part 1’.
Jason Weiser, ‘Yet Another River, A Scenario for Plastic Soldier Company’s Battle group World War 2, Fall of the Reich’.
Rob Wubbenhorst, ‘War-gaming in a Green Inferno, Battle group and the Pacific War’.
Paul A. DeStefano, ‘Fatal Shot to the Foot’.
Paul A. DeStefano, ‘Dice Vs Detail’.


Rule-Set Reviews

Jason Weiser, ‘Stargrave’.
Jason Weiser, ‘Stargrave – Quarantine 37’.
Jason Weiser, ‘O Group’.


Miniature and Related Products Reviews

Blaine Pardoe, ‘Death Ray Designs’.
Jason Weiser, ‘PSC 1/72 British 8th Army Platoon’.
Jason Weiser, ‘Fight’s On Wake Island Terrain Piece’.
Blaine Pardoe, ‘Test of Honor’.
Jason Weiser, ‘PSC Russian GAZ Trucks’.


Book Reviews

Jason Weiser, ‘Netherlands East Indies 1941-42: Japan’s Quest for Oil’.
Jason Weiser, ‘Armies of Southern Russia 1918-19’.


Hobbyist Project Story Submissions

Jason Weiser, ‘Simple Urban Basing Techniques’.


Company Profile

Jason Weiser, ‘Creative Juggernaught’.


Convention Reports

Jason Weiser, ‘Barrage 2021, Havre De Grace, MD’.


Event Calendar

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