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Military Miniature 201 – Individual Edition

Military Miniature issue 201 (PDF) with feature article The Russian Invasion of Afghanistan in 1929

1980 wasn’t the only year the Bear “went over the mountain” and involved itself in the affairs of Afghanistan. Jim Webster writes for us an article about how wargamers can game out the particulars of this “secret war” that was little known in the West until the fall of the Soviet Union. Come play out a conflict that has elements of both “back of beyond” and colonial gaming and is sure to appeal to gamers in both genres!


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David Hiscocks, ‘Getting More Value From Wargaming – Telling Stories in Miniature’
Michael Murphy, “‘You want it WHEN?!?!” A quick rundown on the shipping and logistics issues in the gaming industry, Part 2’.
Jason Weiser, ‘Unrepentant Skirmisher: Our Interview with Joseph McCullough’.
Michael Pierce, ‘Arracourt 1944 Scenario’.
James Langham, ‘Building a Modern British Army for Outsiders’.
Jim Webster, ‘The Russian Invasion of Afghanistan in 1929’.
William Nesbitt, ‘How to Run a Good Miniatures Game’.
Ken Burnside, ‘Complexity in Game Design’.
Piers Brand, ‘30th Infantry Division Campaign’.
David Hiscocks, ‘Eagle of the Ninth’.
Gregory Schroeder, ‘Battle/Siege of Dyrrhachium, 1018 CE’.


Rule-Set Reviews

Jason Weiser, ‘Battalion’.
Jason Weiser, ‘Lunar’.
Jason Weiser, ‘Silver Bayonet’.
Jason Weiser, ‘Lion Rampant’.
Mark Burgess, ‘Find, Fix, Strike’.
Jason Weiser, ‘Battlegroup: Stalingrad’.
Jason Weiser, ‘Forgotten Battles from France to Germany’.


Miniature and Related Products Reviews

Jason Weiser, ‘Lunar Miniatures’.
Jason Weiser, ‘15mm Desert Raiders from Brigade Games’.
Jason Weiser, ‘Army Painter Speed Paints’.
Jason Weiser, ‘1/300 Raiden Miniatures Aircraft’.


Book Reviews

Jason Weiser, ‘The Rhur: 1943’.
Jason Weiser, ‘The Panjshir Valley 1980-86’.
Jason Weiser, ‘A War Between Empires’.
Jason Weiser, ‘Art of Fantasy Figures’.
Jason Weiser, ‘Battlegroup! The Lessons of the Unfought Battles of the Cold War’.
David Luff, ‘Japanese Soldier vs. US Soldier New Guinea 1942-44’.
Chris Jackson, ‘SBD Dauntless vs. A6M Zero-Sen’.
James Rife, ‘Warships in the Spanish Civil War’.
James Rife, ‘The United States Navy in World War II’.
James Rife, ‘Battle of Hue, 1968’.
James Rife, ‘Tanks at the Iron Curtain 1946-60’.


Hobbyist Project Story Submissions

Michael Farnworth, ‘3D Printing Article’.
Mark Burgess, ‘Painting 1/6000 WWII Ships’.


Convention Reports

Jason Weiser, ‘Historicon 2021, King of Prussia, PA’.
Rob Wubbenhorst, ‘MilleniumCon 2021, Round Rock, TX’.


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