Military Miniature

Military Miniature 202 – Individual Edition

Military Miniature issue 202 (PDF) with feature article Dead Man’s Corner

Big Chain of Command Game on the Road to Carentan. A/506th faces off against elements of the 6th Fallschirmjager Regiment in the Normandy hedgerows. Paratrooper against Paratrooper, who will survive?



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Ken Burnside, ‘Stories From the Demo Table: Running Successful Convention Games’.
Mike Byrne, ‘Syria Road Rally’.
Bernard Kempinski, ‘The Fight for Dead Man’s Corner’.
David Hiscocks, ‘Black Powder: Wargaming Wolseley’s Campaign to Save Gordon and Khartoum’.
Jason Weiser, ‘Japanese Early War BG Army List’.
Michael Farnworth, ‘A Revolution for Wargaming’.
Sam Mustafa, ‘Can There Be Realism in Spaceship Games?’.
David Hiscocks, ‘“A Tale Illustrative of the Great Rebellion”: The British Civil War and the 1st & 2nd Sieges of Lichfield, 1643’.
Joe Saunders, ‘Countdown to Launch’.
Will Nesbitt, ‘Are Old Miniatures Past Their Prime?’


Rule-Set Reviews

David Luff, ‘Blood Legacy for Frostgrave’.
David Luff, ‘Blucher Napoloenic Rules’.
David Luff, ‘LeSalle Rules’.
Jason Weiser, ‘Rommel WWII Rules’.
Jason Weiser, ‘Hounds of War Skirmish Rules’.
Mark Burgess, ‘Starting Ancient Wargaming with DBA 3.0’.


Miniature and Related Products Reviews

Jason Weiser, ‘Review of Micro Mark Self Contained Portable Airbrush’.
Jason Weiser, ‘Review of Micro Mini Self Contained Portable Air Compressor.’
Jason Weiser, ’20mm Cold War Polish from Ehliem Models’.
Jason Weiser, ‘Blue Falcon Aircraft Paints’.
Michael Farnworth, ‘Rubicon Models Viet Cong & USMC’.


Book Reviews

James Rife, ‘Cuzco 1536-37’.
James Rife, ‘Truk 1944-45’.
Jason Weiser, ‘Armies of the Iran-Iraq War’.
Jason Weiser, ‘Tanks in the Battle for Germany 1945’.
Jason Weiser, ‘B-25 Bomber vs. Japanese Destroyer’.
Jason Weiser, ‘USN Submarine vs. IJN Anti-Sub Escort’.
Stefan Tahmassebi, ‘Seminole Warrior vs. US Soldier’.
Dannie Fogelman, ‘Tiger vs. Churchill’.
Stefan Tahmassebi, ‘The Viking Siege of Paris’.
Jason Weiser, ‘Yugoslav Armies 1941-45’.
David Hiscocks, ‘The War That Made The Roman Empire’.


Hobbyist Project Story Submissions
Mark Burgess, ‘A Fistful of Paintbrushes – A First Try at 15mm Ancients’.
Michael Farnworth, ‘Make Spectacular Terrain with Hard Foam: XPS Foam is a fast and easy way to make buildings and landscapes’.
Jason Weiser, ‘Making Jungle Bases from CD ROMs’.
Joe Saunders, ‘Building Better Bases’.


Convention Reports

Jason Weiser, ‘Williamsburg Muster 2022’.
Adam Solis, ‘Las Vegas Open 2022’.


Event Calendar
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