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Military Miniature 203 – Individual Edition

Military Miniature issue 204 (PDF) with feature article Crucifix Corner

Play out the events of a British trench raid launched before the fateful Battle of the Smme in 1916. Can you get more intelliegence on the German trenches than what was gained historically?



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David Hiscocks, ‘A Beginner’s Introduction to Napoleonic Light Infantry in Skirmish Wargames
Ken Burnside, ‘Space Combat on the Tabletop’
Jason Weiser, ‘A Moving Guide for Wargamers’
David Hiscocks, ‘Crucifix Corner, May 10–11 1916: A Chain of Command WWI Scenario’
Conrad Kinch, ‘The Combat at Alocea’
Piers Brand and Jason Weiser, ‘British Infantry Division Battlegroup – Far East 1942’
David Hiscocks, ‘Last Stand in the Bulge: A Chain of Command Scenario and Mini Campaign’
Tom Mullane, ‘Getting Kids into Wargaming’


Rule-Set Reviews

Will Nesbitt, ‘Oak and Iron’.
Jason Weiser, ‘Tractics, 2nd Edition’.
Jason Weiser, ‘The Last Prospector (Stargrave)’.
Jason Weiser, ‘Cold War Commander 2’.
Joe Saunders, ‘Battle of the Bulge German Forces for Flames of War’


Miniature and Related Products Reviews

Mark Burgess, ‘Eureka 15mm French Indochina War Figures’.
Mark Burgess, ‘Sarissa Bases’.
Jason Weiser, ’20mm Early WWII Chinese Miniatures’.
Michael Farnworth, ‘Offensive Miniatures 28mm US and British Airborne’.


Book Reviews

Mike Pierce, ‘Panzer III’.
Mike Pierce, ‘Hitler’s Navy’.
Jason Weiser, ‘Big Week 1944’.
Jason Weiser, ‘Desert Storm 1991’.
Jason Weiser, ‘Syria and Lebanon 1941’.
Stefan Tahmassebi, ‘Patriot vs. Loyalist’.
Stefan Tahmassebi, ‘The Battle of Gettysburg, Vol 1 – The First Day’.
David Hiscocks, ‘Assault Platoon’.
Jason Weiser, ‘Painting Wargaming Figures – Allied Forces in Northwest Europe, 1944–45’.
Jason Weiser, ‘Flashpoints – Air Warfare in the Cold War’.
Jason Weiser, ‘From Atacama to the Andes – Battles of the War of the Pacific 1879-1883.’
Steve Robinson, ‘The Vietnam War’.
Patrick Turner, ‘The Franco-Prussian War’.


Hobbyist Project Story Submissions
Joe Saunders, ’28mm House Construction’.
Mark Burgess, ‘A Fistful of Paintbrushes: 15mm French and Viet Minh for Indochina (1946–1954)’.
Michael Farnworth, ‘Working with Static Grass: Applying Static Grass to Terrain and Making Your Own Tufts’.


Convention Reports

Stefan Tahmassebi, ‘Seven Years War Convention 2022’.
James Rife, ‘Gettysburg Toy Soldier Show 2022’.
Brian Beal, ‘HMGS Little Wars 2022’.


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