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Military Miniature 204 – Individual Edition

Military Miniature issue 204 (PDF) with feature Wargaming the 2022 Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Interested in wargaming the current conflict, Michael Farnworth has some notes and idea on how to do just that!



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Michael Farnworth, ‘What Have We Learned From the Russian Invasion of Ukraine?’
Piers Brand and Jason Weiser, ‘US Infantry Division Battlegroup: Philippines 1941-42’
Mike Pierce, ‘Sedgewick Ambushed, A Regimental Fire and Fury Scenario Antietam, September 17, 1862’
Jessee A. Scarborough and James Rife, ‘Lord Dunmore’s War, 1774 Troops, Tactics, & The Battle of Point Pleasant’
Jessee A. Scarborough, ‘Frontier Skirmish Scenario for Lord Dunmore’s War: An Attack on an Indian Village’
Michael Farnworth, “Wargaming the 2022 Russian Invasion of Ukraine’
Michael Murphy, ‘An Interview With Akex Bates and Forge of Ice’
Jason Weiser, ‘Staying Motivated in the Hobby’
Martyn Kelly, ‘Hobby Spotlight: Battle of Ravenna 1519 (or How to Not Be Afraid and Learn to Love Running Convention Games)’


Rule-Set Reviews

Stefan Tahmassebi, ‘Blood and Plunder’
David Luff, ‘Blucher’
Jason Weiser, ‘Insurgent Earth’
Tyler Stone, ‘Blood and Steel’
Jason Weiser, ‘Franco Prussian War Infantry Manual’
David Luff, ‘Fireheart’
Joe Saunders, ‘Mid War Forces Manual’


Miniature and Related Products Reviews

Jason Weiser, ’20mm Ukrainian and Russian Figures by Ehliem Models’
Mark Burgess, ’15mm PSC Churchill’
Jason Weiser, ‘Things from the Basement 28mm Mediterranean House’
Jason Weiser, ‘Things from the Basement 28mm Monocycle’
Jason Weiser, ‘Raiden Miniatures 1/300 F-22 Raptor’


Book Reviews

Stefan Tahmassebi, ‘Soviet Machine Guns of World War II’
Stefan Tahmassebi, ‘Viking vs. Frankish Warrior’
Jason Weiser, ‘Budapest 1945’
David Hiscocks, ‘Wargaming Campaigns’
David Luff, ‘D-Day 1944 Air Campaign’
Jason Weiser, ‘The Rise of the Sikh Soldier’
Jay Mischo, ‘Narvik 1940’


Hobbyist Project Story Submissions

Mark Burgess, ‘Fistful of Paintbrushes – Painting the Churchill’
Joe Saunders, ‘Are You Ready To Rock?’



Convention Reports

Jason Weiser, “Historicon 2022′


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