Military Miniature

Military Miniature 205 – Individual Edition

Military Miniature issue 205 (PDF) with feature Holiday Buyer’s Guide

Our editor weighs in on what’s hot this holiday season and has some advice for non-wargamers buying something for that wargamer in their life.



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Jason Weiser and Piers Brand, ‘Dutch East Indies Troops for Battlegroup 1941-42’
Will Nesbitt, ‘Wargaming With Hexes’
David Hiscocks, ‘Genesis of the Stormtrooper: The Ripont Trench Raid, December 14th, 1917’
David Hiscocks, ‘Gunmen of the Apocalypse: A Stargrave Scenario’
Jason Weiser, ‘2022 Holiday Buyer’s Guide for Non-Wargamers’
Ken Burnside, “Future Planeside Warfare on the Tabletop’
Jason Weiser, ‘Encounter at Ralan – A Scenario for Tomorrow’s War’
Samantha Rife, ‘An Interview with Teras Cassidy of Geek Nation Tours’


Rule-Set Reviews

Jason Weiser, ‘Italy Campaign Book for Bolt Action’
Jason Weiser, ‘Skirmish Action WWII’
Jason Weiser, ‘Hope Eternal’


Miniature and Related Products Reviews

David Luff, ‘Top Knotch Paint Brushes’
Jason Weiser, ‘Gentleman’s War Bolt Action Starter Set’
Jason Weiser, ‘Blucher Prussian Black Powder Epic Starter Set’
Jason Weiser, ‘Under Fire Miniatures 28mm Cold War Soviets’


Book Reviews

Jason Weiser, ‘F4U Corsair vs. A6M Zero Sen’
Jason Weiser, ‘The Oil Campaign 1944-45’
Jason Weiser, ‘The Red Army 1922-41’
Jay Mischo, ‘Tanks at the Iron Curtain 1960-75’
Jay Mischo, ‘Italian Colonial Troops 1882-1960’
Stefan Tahmassebi, ‘Medieval Indian Armies Vol 1’
Jason Weiser, ‘How to Paint Miniatures for Wargames’
David Luff, ‘The Mighty Eighth’
Stefan Tahmassebi, ‘Cahrae 53 BC’
Mark Burgess, ‘Malta 1940-42′
Stefan Tahmassebi,’Tanks in the Easter Offensive 1972’


Hobbyist Project Story Submissions

Mark Burgess, ‘Painting 15mm WWII British Paratroopers’


Convention Reports

Jason Weiser, ‘Barrage Report’
Michael Pierce, ‘Nashcon Report’


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