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At Military Miniature, we aim to capture the voice of American miniature wargaming. To effectively do so, we rely on our editorial staff and the submissions of independent wargame authors. In each issue, we want to include commissioned articles from wargaming experts across the United States. The articles we publish in Military Miniature are based on a preset editorial schedule, but we’re open to suggestions for commissioned featured articles.

Article Planning

Every good article starts with a solid plan. As you piece yours together, please consider that:

  • We run on an editorial schedule
  •  Your topic will need editorial approval
  • Your article will be edited
  • We may request rewrites

Be sure to familiarize yourself with Military Miniature’s tone and style before you start writing. It can drastically cut down on edits. Additionally, if your concept is rejected, it may be because we have other article ideas that need to be worked into the editorial schedule. If it’s a topic you can take on, let our editors know.

Looking to write a review on a product, like a miniature set or rule book? We suggest reading our guide, “How to Write a Review.”

Abstract Submission

To submit your article concept for approval, you will need to email a copy of your abstract to the Editor-in-Chief. Every abstract should:

  • Be between 100 and 500 words
  • Discuss the overall position of the article
  • Include:
    • Title
    • Short introduction
    • List of relevant resources

We strive to respond to your abstract within one to two weeks. If your concept is approved, we’ll contact you with the specific requirements of each article. In general, articles written for Military Miniature should be:

  • At most 3,000 words (longer articles may be split up into a series)
  • Double spaced
  • Written in Times New Roman, 12 Point font
  • Presented in an active voice
  • Oxford comma friendly
  • Submitted in .doc or .docx format

Military Miniature follows the Chicago Manual of Style for all other elements. Remember to include your name on the document itself.

Article Compensation

All articles are paid at $.05 per word. Word count is based on the final edited draft.

Content Focus and Tone

Military Miniature is written for a knowledgeable but casual audience of beginner and expert wargamers. All articles should reflect the magazine’s core audience and be focused on the concepts of wargaming, miniatures, and gaming history in the United States. Articles should be easy to read, and any jargon uncommon to the general public (i.e., pertaining to military tactics or personnel) should be briefly explained as needed. Try to avoid lengthy explanations about historical events. Additionally, if appropriate for the tone of your topic, show enthusiasm for what you’re writing about.

Engaging the Reader from the Start

Your introduction is what will draw the reader’s attention. It should be concise and provide a general idea of what the article will discuss while engaging the reader’s curiosity. When appropriate, set the scene for the reader and draw them in by building a narrative. Use contractions liberally (e.g., can’t instead of cannot). This engages the reader more and increases readability. So does using the active instead of the passive voice.

Integrate Your Experiences

Want to talk about that one contentious wargame you were involved in that went on for days? Have experience with a specific miniature paint that would be valuable to the reader? Recall an anecdote from your past that may strengthen your article? Don’t hesitate to work yourself into your piece. It helps gain reader trust and adds value to what you’re explaining. Even if the story is very casual, your writing should still reflect regard for grammar, sentence structure, and the Chicago Manual of Style.

Associated Media

You’re encouraged — but not required — to submit high-resolution, clear images that are relevant to your topic. The author must own all submitted imagery. If images can’t be provided, we accept recommendations for possible resources. With enough lead time, we may schedule on-site photography of miniatures.

Military Miniature also accepts individual image submissions. All images are paid at $5 per accepted image. We follow a strict editorial standard for our photographic content. Any submitted photos must be clear, of high-quality, original, and a minimum of 300dpi.

General Tips for Photographing Miniatures

Don’t Use a Flash

  • A camera’s flash can distort coloring and create a flare.
  • Rely on balanced natural and external lighting
  • Shoot in a well-lit room

Use a Contrasting Backdrop

  • Prevent your figure or group from blending in
  • A simple white piece of paper will suffice

Keep Back 10”

  • This can change with group/scenic images
  • Remain close to not lose finer detailing

Focusing Your Shot

  • For single miniatures, focus on the figure
  • For groups/scenic shots, either focus on the closest object or the main unit

Don’t Zoom In

  • Zooming can reduce image quality

Submitted images should be relevant to wargaming and miniatures. Be sure to submit the RAW file to retain clarity and quality.

If the image is accepted, the original photographer will be credited with each use.

If you’re interested in submitting an abstract or photograph to Military Miniature, please contact the Editor-in-Chief, Jason Weiser, at [email protected].

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