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Who’s Behind Military Miniature: Johnny Shumate

When you’re creating a new publication that relies on visual aids to tell a complete story, you want talent that can really capture the look and feel of your subject. So, when we found Johnny Shumate, it was a no-brainer that he and his illustrations would need to become part of the launch of Military Miniature Magazine.

Shumate’s career as an illustrator began in 1987, following his graduation from Austin Peay State University. Though he works with traditional mediums, focusing primarily on watercolor and gouache, it was his digital work that really captured Military Miniature’s eye. Much of his work revolves around historical periods, and his portfolio is brimming with works depicting World War II soldiers, Ancient Roman warriors, Celtic chariots, Ottoman cavalrymen, and so much more.

To bring his digital creations to life, Shumate paints in Adobe Photoshop using a cintiq monitor, or a graphics drawing tablet used primarily by illustrators and designers. It’s the perfect tool to emulate his biggest influencers, Angus McBride, Frank Frazetta, and Don Troiani.

Take a look at Shumate’s portfolio for a glimpse at his work or subscribe to Military Miniature Magazine today to see how his work helps bring visual aid to new wargaming scenarios.

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