Military Miniature

Who’s Behind ‘Military Miniature’: Rocío Espín, Mapmaker

Creating Military Miniature required a team of hands and creative minds, from writers and editors to creators like Rocio Espín, one of two mapmakers that helped visualize and craft many of the maps readers will see throughout the publication. Espín joined the development of Military Miniature with more than a decade worth of experience. Her work started popping up regularly in history magazines in 2009, and as her portfolio expanded, so, too, did her exposure. Starting in 2015, Espín has been creating maps regularly for Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy Magazine (Karwansaray Publishing) and History of War Magazine (Future Publications). In an interview with 3D Total, Espín discussed her inspirations, noting illustrations of the Pyramid of Keops and images of the Acropolis of Athens as sparking an interest that was later emphasized by the scenes drafted by 19th-century Orientalist painters. The opportunity to work with National Geographic Magazine’s Fernando Baptista, and she was sure to collaborate with and learn from the graphics editor. Espín specializes in reconstructing antiquated cities with an emphasis on architectural design. Her work also includes recreating military panoply and illustrating scenes of historical battles and sieges. When pressed about her use of a birds-eye-view of historical recreations, Espín explained that it’s all about depicting “construction, functionality, and appearance.” “I use the birds-eye-view because it’s the clearest way to depict it; it gives us a general vision which can show many aspects,” she stated. Espín’s work can be found in issues of Military Miniature Magazine as part of our way of visualizing historical scenarios and gaming battlefields. See more from Espín by securing your annual subscription to the digital publication today. You can find even more from Espín on her online portfolio.

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